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How to Store Tofu

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Tofu or the bean curd comes in different shapes, sizes, textures and packaging. Tofu perishes quickly and needs to be stored properly. The quality of tofu could be soft, silken or firm. While, buying also a lot of care has to be taken. The date of packaging and expiry should be carefully checked before buying.
Freshly bought tofu from market to be storedOnce tofu is bought, it should be replaced in refrigerator immediately and must be taken out only when required to be used. If there are any leftovers then they should be placed in fridge again. It is important that it should not be stored for more than a week in the fridge. The unused part should be covered in water. The water should be changed everyday to keep tofu fresh and moist. Lack of moisture spoils tofu. The water also saves tofu from absorbing flavors and smells of other food stuff in the fridge.
If you wish to store tofu for longer period, you should freeze in ready to use form. You must drain all the water of tofu Tofu being stored in an air tight container completely. Then cut it into pieces and put them into a freezer container with a date.  It will stay fresh for 3 to 5 months from the date of packaging. The water content in tofu increases its size when frozen and gives it a soft texture when thawed. Tofu can be defrosted to make it ready to use. Just in case there are leftovers of this frozen tofu it should be discarded.
If you want to store fried tofu in fridge, it will stay fresh for few days. The home fried tofu can stay for 4-5 days. The pre fried tofu available in market stays for about two weeks in the fridge. The fried tofu can also be stored in freezer for few months. It is important to store it in airtight container to retain its freshness.
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How To Store Tofu