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How to Store Dill Seeds?

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I often pickle dill seeds with other vegetables and use them to add flavor to a lot of my dishes like Dill Seed Breadsticks, Hot Dill Sauce or even a Dilled Halibut . No matter what you are using dill seeds for, it is important that learn how to store Dill Seeds. If you dont you might end up using some rancid old dill seeds instead of fresh ones.  Now, here are some tips on how to store dill seeds:


Sillhouete of Dill Seeds.


Preparing your dill seeds for storage


  1. Collecting the best seeds for storing - It helps to pick up the best Dill seeds for storing. For this you should know that it is always the late blooming dill plants that give the best quality dill seeds. Mostly always it is the late summer sowings that give you the best seeds. These seeds are worth saving and storing as they have an outstanding flavor
  2. Removing the dill seeds from the dill pods – Since the best kept dill seeds are the ones that are the best dried, lay out the pods to dry. You can lay them out on a wire gauze with a newspaper underneath. The newspaper makes it easy to collect the dried seeds that will fall out from the pod on its own. Once the dill pods are dried, rub the pods between your hands while holding it over newspapers so that the rest of the dried dill seeds that fall can be collected. Always remember that you shouldn’t store the seed with the dill pod.
  3. Winnowing the Dill seeds – To prevent early deterioration of the Dill seeds it is best to remove any foreign materiel or chaff. For this, you will have to winnow the seeds like you winnow rice by pouring it from a height of two feet while the fan is blowing lightly in the direction of the falling seeds. This will blow away all lighter foreign objects. Now leave the seeds somewhere warm to complete drying.


Methods to store your Dill Seeds


  1. Jar Preservation of Dill Seeds -To preserve dill seeds for years together you should store them in air tight jars preferably made of glass and sealed with a tape around their lid. The jars should be in turn stored in a cool, dry place. The glass jars will help you check on the seeds periodically without tampering with the seal. By the way it is important that you make these checks regularly to make sure that no molds have developed and the seal is air tight.
  2. Dill Seeds in Vinegar - Most of us you want to preserve the dill seeds as you want to retain the flavor. But you can save them for flavor only if they have become matured dry and brown seeds. In case they are still greens seeds then they cannot be preserved for flavor as they have far too much water content. For the same reason green seed should be preserved in a jar with pickle vinegar until the seeds turn brown and mature. I guarantee you the seeds will have a wonderful flavor at this stage and if you can be patient the flavor will only increase with time.


Alternative Methods to Preserve Dill Seeds


  1. Freezing Dill Seeds - You can freeze the dill seeds too. Rinse the dill seed with the stalk and all in cool water and then let it dry on a paper towel. When it is dry, pack the dill in a clear plastic storage bag and seal it well. Put it in the refrigerator.
  2. Drying Dill Seeds - If you want use it in your dishes then you can simply rinse the dill seeds, leaves and all in cool water, allow it to dry and then dry it in a food dehydrator. Then store it in vaccum-sealed bags

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How To Store Dill Seeds?