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How to Store Clams?

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Knowing how to store clams is all about knowing the right method and using the right techniques. Your seafood feast is incomplete if they are not honored by the flavor of fresh clams. While it is not always possible to go out and get the freshest clams available in the market every time you plan to treat your guests with clams, an easy cheat to that is storing fresh clams in the right way. Trust me, your guests will not even know that they are stored for over a couple of days.

Store clams correctly and enjoy their great taste
Your first step begins with buying fresh clams. To check whether the clams are fresh or not, lightly tap them. If they close immediately, you know that they are fresh and alive. Do not pick the ones that don’t close on the tapping. These would already be dead by then.


Live clams need to breathe oxygen in order to remain fresh for a longer time. Hence, once you buy the live clams, remove them from the bag. Place them on a colander in open air and allow them to breathe for some time. Otherwise, they may get suffocated and die.

Let the excess water drain off. If the clams are alive, do not submerge them in fresh water or put them on ice. Take come paper towels instead. Wet them in cold water and gently wring the towels out so that they are no longer drip. Place lightly on top of your colander. Alternatively, you can use porous bags (made of burlap or other natural material) or even cloth bags. However, never store clams in sealed plastic bags. This may suffocate the clams and kill them.

Now, place this in your refrigerator. Ensure that the temperature is cold but not freezing.

You can also freeze clams to store them for a longer period. However, never freeze unshucked clams. To freeze clams, follow the steps below:
•    Shuck the clams. Ensure that their liquid is still saved while shucking them.
•    Add 1 tablespoon of salt water to 1 quart of water. Rinse the clams with this salt water.
•    Now, place them in a container along with the reserved clam water and any additional salt water. Ensure that the clams are completely covered.
•    Put them in the freezer and 0 degrees Fahrenheit.  

You can freeze clams for up to 3 months. You can thaw frozen clams whenever you want to use them, but never refreeze thawed clams.

Storing cooked clams:

When we are talking about storing clams, how can we not talk about storing cooked clams? This is one of the main pain points, especially for the ladies of the house. Cooked clams can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. However, ensure that you store them in a covered container. Do not freeze the cooked clams, as this will make them extremely rubbery and hard.  
Thus, follow these simple tips and store the clams in the correct way. You will definitely be surprised to find how fresh they taste every time you take them out and make some delicious dishes out of them.

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How To Store Clams?