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How to store turnips

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Turnips are nutritious cool season vegetables, which, you can enjoy all round the year, only if, you learn how to store turnips properly. These root vegetables belong to the family of cabbage and make excellent additions in stews and soups. Once you know how to store turnips, you can enjoy their nutrition benefits throughout the year. Turnips are rich storehouses of fibers and carbohydrates. They are full of flavor and economical to buy. The good part is you can even grow them easily in your home garden. Turnips are usually harvested after 3 to 4 months of sowing. Then, they are stored for the winter.

Steps on how to store turnipsstoring-turnips

Gathering turnips

The first step of storing turnips is to gather the vegetables. According to the University of Illinois, turnips are best harvested when they reach a diameter of 2 to 3 inches. This is when they have a mild taste and a tender feel. So, if you have them in your garden, you should harvest them in the early fall. 

Remove the greens

Once you have collected the turnips, chop off their greens, as because, these soak in moisture from the root, dehydrating them in the process.

Storing the turnip greens

If you want to eat the greens, then, rinse them well in cool water and shake them vigorously to drain away the excess moisture. Then, transfer the rinsed greens in a food storage bag and put it in the refrigerator at a temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. They will last for 4 days.

Storing the tubers

For storing the turnips, select a moist, cool and dark location. Do not wash them. Simply store them, arranged in series. Check them regularly for signs of decay or blemishes and remove the ones which are rotting. You can store turnips safely for five months. Refrigerating turnips will keep them for 2 weeks.

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How To Store Turnips