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How to store artichokes

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True, that artichokes are available throughout the year, but the best ones are available in spring. So, why not learn how to store artichokes, so that, you can collect the best ones in the peak season and keep them handy for use whenever you need them. While spring is the best time to shop for your artichokes, you can always collect them in the secondary peak season of October, if you miss the first. 

Instructions on how to store artichokesstoring-artichokes

Choosing the artichokes

Before storing artichokes, you must collect the best of them. But, how will accomplish that? Here’s how –


If the leaves of the artichoke are tightly clinging together, go for it. This is exactly what an ideal artichoke should be like. Artichokes with loose and open leaves, lack taste. Unfolding or sticking out leaves show that the vegetable has passed its prime.


If the stem of your artichoke has turned brown or black, it indicates that the vegetable is old.


Use your thumb to gently press the bottom of your artichoke. If it feels firm and heavy, it’s a good artichoke.


If you find that the artichoke has soft brown spots, it could be rotten. So, avoid a spotted artichoke at all costs.

Things needed for storing artichokes

For storing artichokes, you need plastic bags and distilled water.

Procedure for storing artichokes

Place the artichokes in a plastic bag and sprinkle some water over the vegetables before sealing the bag. Store them, for no more than 3 to 5 days. If you want to refrigerate them, do not store them in bags. Instead, place them in the vegetable drawer, loose. Also, never rinse or cut the artichokes before storing.

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How To Store Artichokes