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How To Store Peaches

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If peaches are your favorite fruit you must know how to store peaches. If you are able to store peachesTips on how to store peaches in different ways correctly, you will be able to enjoy fresh peaches whenever you feel like. We all know that if peaches are not stored properly they degrade quickly hence if you have abundant peaches at home, storing peaches becomes a necessity. Follow my simple steps and learn how to store peaches and enjoy their recipes.
Ripe peaches storing:
1. Your first task is to decide if the peaches are ripe. To understand if your peach is ripe you need to check its firmness. You have to check if it gives way when you apply pressure or when you are squeezing it. You can also check by smelling it. If the peach is ripe it shall have a very sweet smell.
2. If your peaches are ripe transfer them in plastic bags.
3. Put them inside refrigerator.
4. Peaches will remain fresh for 5 days in such cold temperature.
If peaches are not ripe:
• You will have to put all the unripe peaches inside a paper bag.
• Fold the top part of the bag so that it is sealed.
• Make some holes in the bag so that little air passes inside the bag.
• Keep the bag at temperature giving the peaches an opportunity to ripen.
• When the peaches ripen put them in plastic bags inside the refrigerator.
• They will be fresh for next 5 days for your consumption.

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How To Store Peaches