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How to store leftover coffee? – The beverage carried over to many uses.

It so happens that when you brew your coffee, your concoction may become a little excess, and of course there is all possible reason that you would not want to throw it away, considering that you do invest cost, energy and time in brewing your special coffee. Wouldn’t it be really refreshing if you are handy with tips on how to store leftover coffee?

storing leftover coffee - the transition from beverage to a versatile food item
Storing leftover coffee helps you in three-ways. Firstly you are saved from the trouble of brewing your coffee, early in the morning, secondly you do not have to unnecessarily waste, just because you don’t have a proper method of storage; and last but not the least, your coffee can be carried over as a ‘multi-purpose’ ingredient.

To elaborate, your leftover coffee can also be added to enhance the flavor of delicacies ; as a marinating sauce for pork, stew and a few smoked dishes. Baked items like cookies, brownies and cakes can also be flavored with leftover coffee. Additionally your vanilla -ice cream can be dipped in a mix of cocoa and coffee, which is frozen in an airtight container.
At the cosmetic front ,the concoction can be used to apply on your hair, for sheen and blackness.

So if you are equipped with ways to store leftover coffee, you have a zillion uses for it, just that, you should know how to use it.

Now to go about storing your leftover coffee:

•    When you are sure that your coffee goes a bit extra, even after serving you to your heart’s content, do not keep any waiting time for the concoction. Pour it on your ice-cube tray and freeze it. The frozen coffee-cubes can be used to make iced coffee or even for making a variety of smoothies.

•    If you know well in advance before brewing that your coffee is going to be excess then a pinch of salt added at the time of grinding the seeds, helps a ton. The bitterness of the coffee flavor is subdued at the time of cold-storage, with the addition of salt.

•    The flavors of the leftover coffee under refrigeration are bound to change as the storage period increases. So if you want to use your coffee for the purpose of cooking or beverage it is best to use it within 1-2 days.

As you find many good uses for leftover coffee, from a marinating sauce to a fertilizing agent for improved soil texture and plant growth, our tips will make you effervesce with ideas on how to store leftover coffee.

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How To Store Leftover Coffee? – The Beverage Carried Over To Many Uses.