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How To Store Canned Drinks

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Canned drinks are an easy at disposal options on several occassions. They stay well within their limited shelf life once stored well. They
may be stored easily in kitchen cabinets, cupboards or refrigerators. They can
last up to a year or sometimes even more. All that are needed are the space and
a little know-how on storing to store canned drinks well

  • They must be wiped often with dry cloth to remove dust. Dust
    settlements can cause growth of bacteria on the can.  
  • Cans must be kept in cool, dark and dry places such as
    enclosed kitchen shelves and cupboards. Exposure to sunlight may affect the
    temperature level and the drink may turn stale on account of fluctuations in
    the temperature.  
  • Cans that are old must be kept at the front for quick usage
    and the ones that are new must be kept backwards. This is done so that the cans
    that have been stored since long have to be used soon. The ones nearing the
    expiry date must remain in the front. Usually cans nearing a year have to be
    used up fast.  

These can help you keep your cans intact and ready for use
at any given point of time.

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How To Store Canned Drinks