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How to Store Gourmet Meat

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Meat is an animal flesh which is used in the form of food.The meat get spoiled in hours or days if not stored properly. The main cause of spoilage is unavoidable infection and subsequent decomposition of meats by bacteria and fungi which are borne by the animal itself. The most oldest method to store the gourmet meat is the usuage of salt. Salt is very effective in preserving the food due to its ability to protect the food against harmful bacterial growth. The salt helps in removing the water from the gourmet meat on which the bacteria normally grows. 

Procedure to store gourmet meat:-

Gourmet meat has to be stored in a proper way otherwise there are many chances of getting the meat to be spoiled. Here are given some simple instructions to store the gourmet meat:

-While buying the meat, make sure you have removed all the lose ends.

-Wash the meat with clean water. Make the meat dry.

-Rub some salt over the meat and cover the meat with a layer of salt.

-You can hang dry the meat for three weeks. The room temperature where your meat is kept should be 59 degreesF.

-After three weeks, you can wash the layer of the salt from the meat.

-Again dry the meat. Now you can cook the meat as per your recipe demands.

Thus, storing is very important not only for the gourmet meat but for all the food products.If the food products are stored properly, you can use them as long as you want.

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How To Store Gourmet Meat