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How to Store Rosemary

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how to store rosemaryStoring rosemary was never this easy; just follow how to store rosemary instructions given below. Rosemary is one of the most versatile and valuable herbs in the kitchen. The only problem lies in its quantity. You usually need a very small amount of rosemary for most of the dishes and it comes packaged in large amounts. So, rather than letting the left over rosemary rot in refrigerator, you can learn how to store rosemary easily at home for longer period of time. 

How to Store Rosemary

1. The most important step while storing the rosemary is to dry it properly before storing. Take a paper towel and dry the rosemary. You can also trim off the tips from the rosemary stem for easy storing. 

2. Take a drinking glass and fill it with one inch of fresh and clean tap water. After that, place the rosemary stems in the glass with specified amount of water.

3. Use a plastic to bag to slide over the rosemary making a tent for the branches. After covering it like a tent using a plastic bag, keep the glass in refrigerator.

4. Keep on changing the drinking glass water frequently after every two days. Also, make sure that you dry the rosemary using a paper towel whenever you are changing the water.

Moreover, if you are not too keen in following step 3 and 4, you can also try following step 5 and 6 instead.

5. After a few days, take a damp paper towel and warp the rosemary in it. Keep the towel warp in a plastic bag and store it the refrigerator. 

6. Further, keep on changing the paper towel after every two days. 

How to Store Rosemary Tips   

Always make sure that you are buying the freshest of rosemary available in the market. The fresher your rosemary, the longer it can be stored. To check fresh rosemary, remember that fresh rosemary always has supple, soft, and greenish-blue leaves.

So, the next time you buy rosemary in abundant, store it properly by following the how to store rosemary instructions. 

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How To Store Rosemary