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How to store nuts

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Enriched with nutrients, nuts are the perfect food to store and enjoy throughout the year, whenever, wherever. If you want to learn how to store nuts, then there are some simple easy ways of doing it. Nuts though fatty, are good for the health of your heart and their protein richness is not hidden to anyone. They can transform even the simplest meals to gourmet treats. So, if you are feeling like a squirrel, let me actually show you how to stockpile nuts like them so that you can enjoy these healthy little treats all round the year.
What you need

For storing nuts, you need an air tight container for storage, a marker and a masking tape.
Here’s how to store nuts


Your first step would be dry the nuts entirely before preparing them for storage. However, you can easily skip this step if you will be storing chestnuts. Now, place the nuts in an air-tight container to maintain the right moisture balance. Make sure, that you store the container in a place that is away from highly odorous foods like onions and garlic. This is because; nuts have a tendency to take the smell of their surroundings readily. If your nuts are shelled, you can store them at average room temperature. They will last for up to 3 months. The unshelled versions are best preserved in the refrigerator as they last longer, for 6 months to a year.
Useful tip for storing nuts

To preserve the freshness of your nuts, store them with their shells until you are ready to eat them.


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How To Store Nuts