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How to store pomegranates? - Storing the seeds of health and beauty.

Pomegranates, with their indomitable nutritive and medicinal qualities, can be enthroned as the ‘Queen of fruits’ simply consorting the mango! You don’t need a reason for the wanting to savor the fruit year-long. So, how to store pomegranates, to fulfill your long-term fruity desire?

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Before we proceed to the methods of storing pomegranates, a study of what is under the peel of this delectable fruit, will throw some light on its longevity and also ways to preserve it. Pomegranates vary in shades and sizes from pale yellow, to deep red, coming in the size of orange to that of a grapefruit.
There could be as many as 800 seeds in this fruit, which are enclosed in juice-filled sacs called arils. The seeds hold together through thin layers of membranes.

Back to how to store pomegranates :

• Make sure to pick ripe pomegranates for your fruit basket. Once plucked, a pomegranate doesn’t ripen even if kept at room temperature.

• If your pomegranates are not meant for immediate consumption, its best to leave them aside in a cool place, in the kitchen, away from sunlight. Or, if you want to use your pomegranates much later, you could keep it in the refrigerator, as sealed as it was at the time of buying. Under cold storage, these fruits can last up to two – three months.

• If the arils of the fruit are the ‘catch’ of your eyes, you could store them for minimum two-three days by refrigerating them. Take the arils, put them in a plastic bag and seal it and put it in the refrigerator. These arils will retain their taste for maximum three days.

• For long-term usage, the ideal method on how to store pomegranate arils would be to take the arils, place them on a baking sheet lined with wax paper, and then freeze it for maximum two hours. After two hours, remove the sheet, take the arils out and put them in sealed plastic bags and they go back to the freezer. These arils can last up to six months.

“How to store pomegranates?”, is no longer an encased mystery in the sac of its arils. As we prod and scoop the flavors of nature, we give you the fruits to help you preserve, what you want to cherish!
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How To Store Pomegranates? - Storing The Seeds Of Health And Beauty.