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How To Store Mangoes

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Mangoes are one of those fruits which we do not get all through the year – it becomes important to Storing mangoes - tips on how to store mangoeslearn how to store mangoes. When mangoes are available they are usually found in abundance – everyone likes this bright colored fruit rich in vitamin A and C. Mangoes are also used in making pickles, jelly, milkshakes, smoothie and many other recipes. Mango juice is one the healthiest and popular breakfast drink worldwide.

Storing mangoes helps to increase their usefulness. It is always suggested to store ripened mangoes inside refrigerators – so when you have green mangoes wait for some time and let them ripen so that they can be stored for at least three days.

Here is the right method in which you can store mangoes.

1. You can keep mangoes inside a plastic bag or a paper bag – let them ripen on their own. If you want mangoes to ripen one by one, you can put one mango in a bag – this way they shall ripen very fast.
2. Once you put your mangoes in a bag, you need to keep them in a very cool place such a cupboard. This will give them the right temperature to ripen so that you can move to the next stage of refrigerating them.
3. You can put mangoes inside your refrigerator when they ripen. Let them freeze inside. Try not to open the refrigerator door too many times when they are stored in the refrigerator.
4. Remember to use all your stored mangoes within 3 days for maximum taste.

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How To Store Mangoes