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How to freeze sweet corn cut off the cob

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Freezing is an excellent method to ensure an all year round supply of sweet corn I am a die-hard sweet corn lover and like to have them round the year…so how do I manage that – well by freezing them of course! Sweet corn can be frozen on the cob or off the cob, however I prefer to freeze sweet corn cut off the cob, simply because I don’t have a big enough freezer. If you want to know a real simple process for freezing sweet corn cut off the cob read on…

Selecting: If you need to preserve something make sure that it is worth preserving. The sugars in the sweet corn break down rapidly, so it is important that you choose really fresh just harvested corn. Preferably either grow them yourself or purchase them from the nearest farmer’s market. 

Cleaning: The problem with buying corn from the farmers market is the tedious cleaning process involved. Rope in some help if needed, but make sure that you take out the entire husk and all the fine silver hair sticking to the corn. This will take some time, but please don’t lose patience.

Blanching the sweet corn is essential to extend the shelf life of the frozen cornBlanching: Once you have cleaned all the corn ears it is time for some blanching. Blanching is essential to destroy the spoilage enzymes naturally present in all vegetables. These enzymes can break down sugars, discolor the corn, produce off flavors, and basically spoil your frozen bounty. To blanch the corn, first fill a large vessel with water to ¾ of its capacity and heat it. Once the water come to a rolling boil, place 4 to 5 corn ears in the water and leave them for exactly 5mins (use a stop watch). As soon as 5 mins are over, remove the corn from the water (use a pair of tongs) and dunk them in a large bowl filled with ice water. Be very quick in doing this for you don’t want to cook the corn, just heat it high enough to inactivate the enzymes. To allow the corn to cool completely let the corn stay in ice water for at least 4 mins.

Cut corn kernels off the cob: This is the part that requires some skill on your part. Now-a-days youThough many gadgets are available to cut sweet corn off the cob, doing it with a sharp knife is quite easy too get quite a few tools in the market to do the job for you. You can browse the net and get one if you like…I like doing it the old fashioned way though. To cut the sweet corn kernels off the cob I simple hold the corn vertically by the tapered end and slide the knife downwards, scrapping out the kernels along the way.  The corn kernels will come off in form of strips, do not worry you can easily break them into kernels latter on.

Freezing: Spread the corn kernels on a cookie sheet and freeze. Once frozen, transfer the kernels into freezer bags, squeeze out as much air as possible, seal, label, and store in your freezer. 

The shelf life of frozen sweet corn will depend up on the time lag between harvesting and processing. Usually the sweet corns that I freeze stay good for up to 6 months or so. If you have any better tips or suggestions please share with me.

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How To Freeze Sweet Corn Cut Off The Cob