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How to Can Apple Pie Filling

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how to can apple pie fillingBefore following the instructions that tell you how to can apple pie filling its better to look for another features.Canning food may be seen as an old-fashioned technique these days. But canning produce is a sensible technique for time investment which proves useful in the winters. Canning and preserving food allows you to savor tropical fruits  and vegetables in middle of the winter months. Canning apple pie is easy and eating baking apple pie in the cold months brings comfort.  


1.    Boil all the lids, jars and rings in order to sterilize them.

2.    Place a large pan on the stove and put sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and cornstarch in it.

3.    Stir in salt and water too. Let the mixture boil and keep stirring it continuously. As soon as the mixture turns thick, you should remove it from the heat. Add food coloring and lemon juice to it and this makes your syrup for the filling.

4.    Peel, cut and core the apples. Slice them as thin or as thick as you want them for the pie.

5.    Now, stuff these apple slices in the jars in a way that all the jars are evenly filled with apples. Leave about ½-inch space on the top of each of the jars.

6.    The syrup must be poured on the top of the apples inside the jars.

7.    Assemble the rings and the lids of the jar. Keep each jar in a water bath canner for 20 minutes and once they cool, put them inside the cupboard.

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How To Can Apple Pie Filling