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How to preserve live Christmas tree

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If you are planning to get a potted live tree this Christmas, then it’s evident that you would also consider preserving it. For that, you need to know the right ways on how to preserve live Christmas tree. If you follow some of my valuable tips on how to preserve life Christmas tree, then, it will be alive for transplanting when Spring season arrives. live-christmas-tree
Choose the right tree
For purchasing a live Christmas tree in good condition, it is always a good idea to start your search in the local nurseries which sell evergreen trees.
Keep it outdoors
When you have bought the tree, consider placing it on the porch. This is because; keeping a live Christmas tree inside the house, can dry out your tree pretty quickly, because of the dry air inside. So, if you take my advice, I would always recommend you to place your tree out, in the direct sunlight.
Water your tree
Also, remember to keep the roots of your tree moist. To make sure of that, water your tree at least twice a week.
Regulate the indoor time
If you have to bring your tree indoors at times, make sure you limit it 2 to 3 weeks. This is because, the longer you tree stays indoors the chances of it losing its hardiness will become more. After 3 weeks, Christmas trees emerge out of their winter hibernation and begin to grow like regular houseplants.
After the holidays
Once the holiday season is over, store your live Christmas tree in a cool sheltered space. A porch is always a good idea, but if you can also opt for a garage if it’s well ventilated with windows.
Vodka for preserving live Christmas tree
Many people believe that Vodka or aerated drinks and in many cases, aspirin water, preserve the Christmas tree for a long time. But, I would like to warn you that it’s not the case. It is a complete myth and so, if you want to see your Christmas tree for a long time, it is always wise to stick to plain tap water for watering your tree. That’s exactly what the National Christmas Tree Association advises too. But if you are too keen to experiment with different plant preserving additives, you can go for the chemicals that have been specifically designed for preserving live Christmas tree.
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How To Preserve Live Christmas Tree