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how to can apples

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Canning is the process to store foods in a sealed container.People might feel that canning the apple slices is difficult or expensive. But it is not so. For canning the apples, there are few things you will need such as canning jar,water bath canner and jar funnel.

Process to can apples:

Here are given some simple steps to can apples:

Selection: First you need to select the good quality sweet apples.Wash them properly.

Peeling and cutting :Peel the apples with the help of the peelers. Slice them into thick slices after removing the seeds and core.

Blanching:Put the sliced apples in the boiling water. Boil for 5 minutes. Do not cook the apples.Blanching is just the way of heating the food item at high temperature for a brief time.

Draining:Drain the apple slices and allow them to cool.Do not discard the liquid.

Filling: Fill the jars with the apple slices. Pour the liquid over the apple slices into the jar with the help of the jar funnel.(liquid which you get while boiling the slices)

Sealing: Seal the jar tightly.

Processing:Put the jars in the canner and cover them with water and start boiling. Boil for around 20 minutes.

Storing:Store the canning jars in a dry and dark place.

Although canning is the long process but it is the best option to preserve the food for a longer use.

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How To Can Apples