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How To Dehydrate Apples

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Dehydration is the process by which the fruits loss their excessive amount of fluid.People dehyrate apples in order to preserve them for the season when they won't get the fresh apple.Apples can be dehydrated in the dehydrator or without a dehydrator.

Dehydrating apples in the dehydrator:

 Dehydrating apples in the dehydrator is very easy. Below are the instructions given to be followed while dehydrating apples in the dehydrator:

First you can peel and core the apples. Slice the apples into thick slices.

Pre-soak the slices of the apple in the water and lemon juice. This will prevent the apples from turning brown.

Once the apples are completely soaked for sometime, spread all the apple slices on a clean paper towel so that all the excessive water gets absorbed by the paper towel.

Arrange them on the dehydrator tray.Put the tray into the dehydrator.

Dry them until they turn crisp. It will take around 6-12 hours.

Store the dehydrated apples properly in an air tight container and store them into the freezer. This will help in retaining the taste and fresh flavor of the apples.

Dehydrating apples without dehydrator:

Sun drying is the natural process of drying the apples in the absence of the dehydrator.For sun drying, warm day with temperature near 100 degrees and low humidity is ideal. Put the apples in a sunny window and allow them to dry for 10-15 hours.

This is how the apples get dehydrated for the later use. Even the oven drying is also good for dehydrating the apples. Put all the apple slices in the oven tray and set the temperature of the oven to 135 degreesF. Dry them till the apples become crisp.

Try any of the methods to dry the apples but the most important thing is to store the dehydrated apples in a proper way.

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How To Dehydrate Apples