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How to build your own ice chest

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Building ice chest is a must during summer months in order to carry cold drinks and food. It is pretty easy to build ice chest at home. So why spend money on ice chests when you can actually make it at home in no time? You will need simple things in order to build the ice chest. Ice Chest
Tools Required To Build Ice Chest
Paper bag
How to build your own ice chest
Step 1: Take a sturdy paper bag and either line it with a plastic bag or place a plastic bag on the bottom. This will prevent any kind of leakage into your homemade ice chest. Then, put the towel into the bottom of the ice chest.
Step 2: Next, line the paper bag with newspaper in your paper bag ice chest.
Step 3: Get an ice in plastic bag and put it in the bottom of your homemade ice chest. Place the ice in plastic bag in a zip lock bag that does not leak if you make your own ice.
Step 4: While you set your food or drinks into your ice chest, wrap with a towel and roll the top of the paper over, and you will have a homemade cooler ready to keep your drinks and food cool.

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How To Build Your Own Ice Chest