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How to Dry Seeds

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The tradition of drying seeds is timeless. It is also a great way to promote genetic diversity among plants. If you dry seeds on your own, and not go for the ones available in stores, your seeds will work better because they have been acclimated to the soil, pests and weather. Your own seeds are more likely to produce plants that look like the parent plant.

Dried Calendula Seeds in a Jar

Step 1: Pick the fruits whose seeds you want to dry. Take a knife and carve out the seeds from the fruit gently. The seeds should be completely separated from all the fruit pulp. Wipe the seeds clean. Do not wash them in water; it will only take more time to dry then.

Step 2: Bring out an old newspaper and spread the seeds on it to dry. Newspapers are a great base for drying seeds as they absorb moisture. Spread the newspaper and leave the seeds alone for one week. 

Note: Seeds may seem dry enough when you pick them but still need a few days of air drying to prevent the formation of mold when you eventually store them. Some seeds have a coating which takes additional time to dry out.

Step 3: Once the seeds have dried out completely, store them in labelled containers. You can choose to store them in air-tight jars or you can store them in envelopes. Whatever you do, just ensure you have labelled them so that when you bring out the seeds next year, you know what you have.

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How To Dry Seeds