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How to Dry Peppers

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How to Dry Peppers                             Stay on this page to learn how to dry peppers. We often use dry peppers in kitchen to add that extra flavor in different dishes. The process of drying acts as a preservative and helps in storing these peppers for a longer period of time. There are various method through which you can easily dry the pepper at home. Below mentioned are the two of the easiest ways of learning how to dry peppers. 

How to Dry Peppers 

Method 1: Drying Peppers Naturally 

This is the easiest and apparently the longest process of drying pepper. To begin with, you need to wash the peppers using cold water. After washing, pass the pepper through a strainer. Then, place the peppers on a towel or paper. Take a knife and cut the stem of the peppers and slice them into two pieces. You can also remove the seeds from the pepper. After that, let the peppers dry in sun light. After a few days, you will get crisp dry peppers for further usage. 

Method 2: Drying Peppers Using Electric Dehydrator

You can use an electric dehydrator to dry the pepper manually. Cut the peppers in long, thin pieces. Place the pepper pieces on the dehydrator screen of the electric dehydrator at 100 degrees F temperature. Make sure that you are placing the dehydrator in closed ventilated area. Generally, the process of dehydration takes 2 to 3 days. However, you need to check the condition of the peppers 2 to 3 times a day. Check properly for any hidden moisture and remove from the dehydrator only when the peppers are completely dry. Once your peppers are fully dry, you can store them in glass jar for future usages.

You can choose any of these two methods of how to dry peppers for drying peppers at home. So, just try these methods at home and let me know which one do you think is easier.

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How To Dry Peppers