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How To Dry Roses

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Keeping dried roses at home, to be used as a decoration or for cooking, is a time-tested tradition. Be it the roses from your wedding day or your own garden, you would like to keep them preserved for as long as you can. However, it is not easy to keep dry roses safe at home but is here to help you do that, without the fear of the rose petals getting rotten. Here are a few methods for you to dry roses:


On a clothesline:

Start by picking up the roses you would like to dry at home. Collect the rose in bunches or on individual stems. Hang a clothesline at an isolated corner of your house and hang the roses, in bunches or on stems, upside down. Leave the arrangement like this for at least a weak before you collect dried rose petals from the clothesline.


Silica gel method:

This is an interesting way to dry roses. You can place half an inch of silica gel into an airtight container. Place the flowers in the container, ensuring that the bloomed part of the rose is facing up. It will take about ten days for your roses to dry this way.    

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Sand Drying Method:

Dilute glue in some water and dab it on the rose petals, one by one. Before you do that, however, make sure that the flowers are completely dry. Spread the glue also to the base of the stem. Now place these flowers in a box containing sand. Make sure the flowers are lying face up. Keep this box in a well-lit room and keep checking the rose petals for the perfect degree of dryness.





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How To Dry Roses