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How To Freeze Fresh Tomatoes

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Freezing fresh tomatoes for future use with help of ziplock bagsIf you grow tomatoes in your garden you have to learn how to freeze fresh tomatoes or else how will you store all tomatoes throughout the year. Freezing fresh tomatoes in the right way will help you to enjoy the fresh nutrients and flavor of these tomatoes all through out the year.

You will need:
• Knife
• Boiling water
• Ice
• Stockpot
• Ziplock Freezer bags
• Tomatoes

Step one: You can clean tomatoes by rinsing them in cold water. Slowly rub the tomatoes so that you can get them rid of all kinds of pesticides and germs.
Step two: Check the stems of the tomatoes – if you find they are too stiff to be removed, you can use a knife to remove the stems slowly.
Step three: Start boiling water in a stockpot. Now, slowly dip 2- 3 tomatoes in this water. Remove tomatoes from boiling water after 3 minutes. Slowly remove the skins from the tomatoes.
Step four: Now, quickly plunge all these tomatoes into ice water. This shall help to stop the cooking process or else the tomatoes will get mushy.
Step five: You will now need to slide the skins from the tomatoes. Remove any peel of tomato which remains. Now, your tomatoes are ready to be frozen. You can freeze them whole or cut them into quarter size or half.
Step six: In this last step, you can put all the tomatoes into the freezer bags. Remember to remove all existing air from the ziplock bag. Put these bags inside the freezer.

Your tomatoes will now stay fresh as long as you want!

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How To Freeze Fresh Tomatoes