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How To Freeze Fresh Green Beans In Summer

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Freezing green beans inside zip lock bags is a great way to keep them freshDuring summer we often buy lots of fresh green beans but are unable to use all such beans on that day or even the next day. In such a situation you need to know how to freeze fresh green beans, so that when you use them later, they are as fresh as you had bought them. If you are not sure about the process of freezing fresh green beans this guide will certainly help you.

Green beans choice: It is best to pick those beans which have tender pods and which are 6 inches long.
Cleaning: You will have to clean these fresh beans in fresh cold water. Snap their stems along with their ends and keep them aside.
Blanching: Once you are done with the above, you will need a stockpot to boil water. You should blanch vegetables before you freeze them as this will help to stop the enzymes destroy the texture and flavor of the beans. Put the beans in boiling water for 3 minutes and immediately transfer them in another bowl of ice cold water.
Drying: You can now dry the vegetables and arrange them in a layer on a baking sheet. You will be putting this sheet into your freezer. This shall ensure that beans do not stick to one another when you are putting them into freezer bags. Once, you find that the beans are frozen you can slowly remove the tray and put these beans into freezer bags.
Label: Do not forget to stick labels on these bags. This will help you to know how long your beans are stored.

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How To Freeze Fresh Green Beans In Summer