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How to sun dry tomatoes

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Dried tomatoes in the market are exorbitantly priced and so, if you learn how to sun dry tomatoes at home, you can save a lot of money. Sun drying tomatoes is incredibly easy after all. The sun dried tomatoes find various uses in cooking. From adding a special gourmet touch to your food to enhancing the flavor of your salads and dishes, the dried tomatoes play an excellent role in your kitchen.

Here’s how to sun dry tomatoes –

sun-dried-tomatoesStep 1 – For sun drying tomatoes, pick small sized tomatoes like Roma or Plum. Although, you might be tempted to go for the large sized beefsteak tomatoes, they aren’t really advisable because, they don’t dry well in the sun as their moisture content is very high.

Step 2 – Now, wash your tomatoes and then dry them up thoroughly. Then slice each of them into ½ inch pieces and remove the moisture by placing them on paper towels. Even slices make the drying process faster.

Step 3 – Next, layer the slices on a clean surface exposing them to the sun. Let them dry for some 10 hours. Once the tomatoes become leathery and soft, you will know they are done. The mushy ones will need to dry up more. The brittle tomatoes are the over dried ones.

Storing dried tomatoes

You can store away the tomatoes in zippered plastic storage pouches for 6 months. You can also store them in the refrigerator for a year. If you wish to store your dried tomatoes in olive oil, then dip them in some white vinegar before dipping them in olive oil. You can add herbs and store this flavored olive oil in a jar in a refrigerator.

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How To Sun Dry Tomatoes