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How to freeze eggplant

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Can you freeze eggplant? The answer is yes. However, eggplants doesn't store well either in the refrigerator or at room temperature. So, its better to use it soon after buying. You can enjoy tasty dishes all year round if you freeze fresh eggplant.Freezing eggplant
Step 1: Pick eggplants that are at their peak of ripeness and avoid those which are over ripe. Test the ripeness by firmly pressing the eggplant with your thumb or finger. If the flesh of the eggplant does not bounce back when you remove the pressure, it's not yet ripe.
Step 2: Wash the eggplant and the peel off the skin. Immediately slice the eggplants. Any delay will turn the vegetable into brown.
Step 3: Blanch the eggplants. This keeps the eggplant from becoming discolored. Place the sliced eggplant in boiling water. Then add ½ cup of fresh or bottled lime juice. Let the sliced eggplant stay in the water and lemon juice mixture for four minutes.
Step 4: Remove the eggplant slices from the boiling water and transfer them in ice water till they have cooled completely. This will take about five minutes.
Step 5: Drain the water and dry the slices. Place them in freezer bags or freezer containers.

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How To Freeze Eggplant