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How to freeze brussel sprouts

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Have you ever wondered can you freeze brussel sprouts? The answer is yes, with a little preparation, freezing brussel sprouts can achieve great results. I am sure  you want to know how to freeze brussel sprouts to keep in their nutrients and taste so you can enjoy them all year round. Learn some basic tips in freezing brussel sprouts!
Tools and Ingredients required for freezing brussel sprouts
Brussel sprouts
Freezer bags or containers
Freezer  Brussel Sprouts
How to freeze brussel sprouts        
Step 1: Choose firm, bright colored sprouts that are freshly picked and attached to the stalks. The brussel sprouts are attached to their stalks tend to be sweeter. Make sure that the stalk is dried or brown looking.
Step 2: Remove the sprouts from the stalk is with a knife. Just cut the sprout away from the stalk.
Step 3: Trim the outer brown leaves and rinse the brussels sprouts thoroughly.
Step 4: Store the brussels sprouts in a freezer bag leaving no headspace. Seal and set in the freezer.

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How To Freeze Brussel Sprouts