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How to dry flowers

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Your little one has got a project on making dried flower bouquet and now you are worried as to how to dry flowers. Well, once you know how to dry flowers, you will feel it is not a tough task after all! This is a fun project for every age. Dried flowers make wonderful gifts for just about any occasion like Daisy Day, Valentines Day, Carnation Day and ah yes, how could you forget flowers on a Flower Day?! Whether you want to hang the lovely colorful flowers or add them to some other crafts, you are simply going love their delicate beauty.  air-dried-roses

Air dry flowers

The best time to pick a flower is when its blossoms are only half open, leaving them on their stems. Fully mature blooms have a tendency to lose their petals when drying. For plucking the flowers, first tear the lower leaves off the stems. However, take care not to remove the leaves which are located very close to the flower. Now, gather some 10 to 12 of these flower stems together and with the help of a string tie them up. You can also use rubber bands instead of string. That done, it’s time to air dry the flowers. Take the flower bundle and hang it upside down in an area that is very well ventilated and gets enough sunlight. Keep the bundle like that for 10 more days. After that, you will notice that all the flowers in the bundle have dried up. Well, if you wish to dry multiple flower bundles, just make sure you leave enough space between each bundle. This is meant for thorough drying of each bundle.

Choose your flowers right

The air drying process works best for robust and long lasting flower varieties like rose and lavender. You can easily find out which are the other flowers that are best for the air drying process. So, now that you have learned how to dry flowers, don’t you agree that it’s extremely easy and fun to do?

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How To Dry Flowers