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How To Freeze Eggs – Easy Tips

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Easy and convenient steps on how to freeze eggsI actually learnt in my cookery class, how to freeze eggs in the right way. I had known the process, but was not doing it in the right way. Yes, freezing eggs is one of the most common tasks, but many of us actually do not know how to freeze them. There were many days when I bought eggs in bulk but feared that Jacob (who was of 2 years then) would crack them at the slightest opportunity or they will simply rot even inside the refrigerator. It happened too!

I learnt that eggs can be frozen in many ways and they cannot be frozen with their shell. So, if you want to freeze eggs, remove every piece of shell. Here are some ways in which you can freeze eggs:
Method one: You can beat the eggs so that they mix very well.  Now, youFreezing eggs and yolk in easy and simplified ways to be used later can pour these eggs into a container and seal it. Make it a habit of attaching a label to these eggs and putting a date on them. You can also put the egg mixture in an ice cube tray.

Method two: You can also freeze cooked yolks. You will just need to place them in a container, seal them and freeze. If you wish you can freeze egg yolks in a different way too. Separate the egg white from the yolk and stir slowly. Egg yolks normally become thick and gel like when they are frozen. To prevent this, you can mix a little bit of sugar and salt in these yolks. You will just have to strain the egg yolk and pour it into a container while freezing.

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How To Freeze Eggs – Easy Tips