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How To Freeze Fresh Basil

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Basil leaves, the tender herb with a spicy and strong flavor, are widely used as a flavoring agent and coloring agent in many dishes around the world. However, like many other herbs, fresh basil is seasonal and freezing them is the best way to savor its aroma all year round. Don’t know how to freeze fresh basil? Then you ought to read these easy steps… 


How To Freeze Fresh Basil


1. Firstly, collect fresh basil leaves from the plant. You can do this by carefully cutting off leaves from the plant using a pair of scissors. Always leave some portion of the steam connected to the leaves.

2. Now, wash the fresh leaves using clean water. Choose only the fresh and healthy looking leaves, discard any wilted or brownish leaves from the group.

3. Gently place the chosen fresh basil leaves in a freezer bag with zipper.

4. Pour few drops of Olive oil to this bag; this will prevent the leaves from becoming brittle once frozen.

5.  Remove as much air from the bag as possible seal the zipper and keep in the freezer.


By following these easy steps on how to freeze fresh basil, you will be able to enjoy the aroma of basil all year round. For tips on freezing other herbs do refer to my colleague’s blog on freezing seasonal herbs. 


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How To Freeze Fresh Basil