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How to Store Wine in a Decanter

Here is all about how to store wine in a decanter. It is recommended that red wines that have aged must be decanted. The aroma of the wine is released as soon as the wine comes in contact with oxygen. It also helps in taking out the sediment that is formed at bottom of aged wines. But it is really hard to keep waiting for the stored wine to be ready to drink. 


1.    Choose any red wine that you want to enjoy. Red wine tastes best when served at room temperature.

2.    Now pour the selected wine in a decanter. Take the help of a candle in order to detect the sediment. Make sure that the sediment is not poured in the decanter. Stop pouring as soon as you see the sediment reaching the neck of the wine bottle.

3.    Allow the wine to rest in the decanter for about eight hours before it is served. In case you allow the wine to breath more than this, the oxygen may damage the wine by changing its taste. 

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How To Store Wine In A Decanter