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How to Freeze Fresh Cherries With a Pit

Here is all about how to freeze cherries with a pit.

Who doesn’t like cherries? Freeze fresh cherries and enjoy them all year long. Pits can be removed from cherries, but leaving the pits in the cherries makes it taste like an almond. After the cherries are thawed, the pits should be removed using a cherry pitter. 

1.    Remove the stems of the cherries and put them in a colander.

2.    Rinse the cherries thoroughly by running cold water over them.

3.    Use a towel to pat them dry and arrange them over a baking sheet in a one layer.

4.    Freeze cherries with their pits until they are frozen. This should take one to two hours.

5.    Now put the cherries in the freezer. The cherries can frozen for upto a year when placed in the coldest part of the freezer.   

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How To Freeze Fresh Cherries With A Pit