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How to Can Sugar Free Blueberry Jam

We have tried to answer about how to can sugar free blueberry jam. Those who need to cut down their sugar intake must be happy to know that canning blueberry jam is now possible without sugar. Thanks to sugar substitutes! Given below is a step-by-step procedure of which tells you about how to can sugar free blueberry jam. 

1.    Fill half the canner with water. Put it on the burner and set it to high heat.

2.    Fill blueberry jam mixture using a ladle, in a way that just ¼ inch is left from the top of the jar. If the jam spills on the rim then wipe it off. Cover the jar with canning lid and screw the bands firmly. 

3.    Add these jars to the canner now. Add water to canner in a way that the jars are covered with 2 inches of water.

4.    Once you cover the canner, boil for about five minutes at rapid boil.

5.    The jars are now processed. Remove them from canner using a jar grabber. Keep them in a draft free place. 

6.    Once the jars are cooled, press the lid with a finger tip, so as to ensure that they are sealed properly. In case the lid pops, it means that the jar is not sealed and needs to be kept into the refrigerator for at least a week. 

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How To Can Sugar Free Blueberry Jam