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How To Store Tofu In Refrigerator?

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Working in your kitchen regularly, you must be struggling with storage issues every once in a while. One of them will surely be – How to store tofu in the refrigerator? Well, in case you have still not found an answer to this, we are here to show you how to store tofu in the refrigerator.

This way, you can buy tofu in bulk (although not much of a bulk) and store it, at least, for a week without the tofu getting spoiled. To be able to store tofu in the refrigerator, it is important that you learn a bit about what tofu, in case you already do not know.

Tofu, or bean curd, as it is also called, is soft white in color and is made from coagulated soy milk. The resulting curd is then pressed into blocks, which are then cut into smaller blocks or sold as it is. Although Tofu originated in China, it is today a part of cuisines all over Asia, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam and even America. Available in American supermarkets throughout the year, the two most popular varieties of tofu currently available are – fresh tofu and processed tofu.

Tofu is a low calorie product which contains almost negligible amount of fat while being rich in iron. However, all said and one, tofu is a perishable product, therefore it is very important that while using it, you learn how to store tofu in your refrigerator so that you can make its maximum usage.

1) Before you purchase tofu at the supermarket, check its expiry date so that you are clear about the extent of days to which you need to store it.

2) After reaching home, store tofu directly into the refrigerator. Do not open the tofu package unless you are going to use it right there.

3) After you have opened the package to take out some amount of tofu, place the leftover tofu back in the fridge. However, before doing so, cover it with water and put on a lid.

4) Remember, tofu stays fresh and usable only till 7-10 days in the refrigerator.

5) While the tofu is in the fridge, change the water everyday because tofu remains moist and fresh only in fresh water.

6) Another method to elongate tofu’s stay in your refrigerator is to freeze it. You can cut up the tofu block into ready-to-use sizes and then put them in separate plastic bags and freeze the bags. In this way, tofu can stay fresh even upto 5 months/

Follow these steps and you can get the most out of the tofu that you bought at the supermarket yesterday or the day after! However, we know that you are curious about some more things, so we bring you some more answers on how to store tofu in refrigerator:

• Even if the water in which you kept the tofu has turned slightly yellow, you can still use that tofu. The yellowness of the water is because of the coagulated soymilk inside tofu, which dissolves into the water over a period. However, this stands true only if the tofu has not been stored beyond 10 days in the refrigerator.

• If your tofu has passed the expiry date, throw it away, just like that. Don’t even think of using it for cooking.

• If the tofu you purchased in the store tastes a little sour, do not use it because it is possible that the tofu was not stored at the correct temperature in the fridge, which makes it unsuitable for usage.

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How To Store Tofu In Refrigerator?