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Freezer burn

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Freezer burnFreezer burn


Frozen food that has been either improperly wrapped or frozen can suffer from freezer burn a loss of moisture that affects both texture and flavor. Freezer burns is indicated by a dry surface, which may also have white or gray spots on it.


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Freezer burn is awful! It can happen to anything left in the freezer too long and/or not wrapped properly. My motto: "when in doubt...throw it out"!
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yes i agree
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Vacumn packing helps! Also some freezers keep food below 0 deg F and you could keep things for years. My mom has a chest freezer like that. We used to but oped for a new stand-up front freezer, quite honestly the old Sars door door chest freezer with one smaller section for quick freeze was a jewel. A real pain to get things out of the bottom. I could barely reach the bottom and I am not short at 5'5". I mark the item contents and the date to help me rotate freezer items. I organize by food type in eah section. I am with you any freezer burn-out it goes as the bad taste of freezer burn permeats the entire item. Chicken and seafood seem to be the most prone to freezer burn even with vacumn packing if the seal isn't 100% or a shrimp tail pokes a hole. I only keep seafood, chicken, and ground meats a max of 6 weeks. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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shonti we are talking here if the food is without covered, then it will freeze burn, every body knows if the food is covered it won't happened the freeze burn. vacum pack is the best.
Freezer Burn