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Master Stock

Master stock refers to the stock made from typical Chinese ingredients which are repeatedly used to braise and poach meats while cooking. Originating from Chinese cuisine, this stock is used quiet often in almost all the Chinese recipes. Master stock recipes have their existence in other cuisines too such as Cantonese and Fujian cuisines. Basically this sauce is used in the preparation of braising liquid for meat to make it tender and gives it a nice flavor and aroma to it. The most common meat is the Chicken though it is also used in other meats like duck, pigeon, pork etc. This broth is stored after its initial use for its future use in poaching instead of discarding it as in case of other sauces.

Methods of Preparation for Master Stock Recipes

Preparation of Master stock requires ingredients like light soy sauce, ginger, water, Chinese cooking wine and yellow rock sugar to name just a few. Also, some spices are to be used along with these like cloves, Sichuan pepper, dried chili, cumin seeds etc. All the spices are to be put in the muslin cloth and be tied into a bag. This spice bag is to be put with other ingredients on a large pot and it is to be boiled. This is how it gets ready for use.

Preferable Methods of Cooking Master Stock

Master stock should be boiled, strained, skimmed and cooled quickly to kill microorganisms that might be present in the recipe. The microbes should be kept away as it spoils the flavor and also make the sauce hazardous for health. After this process it can be kept in the refrigerator for 3 days while the frozen version can be kept even for quote a few months.

Buying and Storing Master Stock

These master stock recipes are stored for a long time to be used whenever required for braising. It gives a rich reddish brown color to meats thus while the other ingredients like Chinese wine and soy sauce gives a unique flavor to the dishes.


Master stock enhances the flavor and gives a beautiful color to the meat, thus making the disk tastier. As the name suggests this is really a master stock as it is used in the preparation of many Chinese as well as other cuisines.