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Meat Stew

Stew meat is the meat, which is used in cooking a stew, a very popular dish in the West. Stem is prepared by cooking small cubes of meat on slow fire till it softens. Interestingly, stew meat is extracted from the most exercised part of an animal and that’s why it is lean and requires more time to become soft or get cooked. No matter what kind of stew meat is being prepared, braising is the best way to start with. Braising is the first step to tenderize the meat through slow cooking. Braising can be done either by cooking on fire or in the oven. Marinating with the help of lime juice, vinegar, yoghurt and wine also does wonders to fasten the process of softening the stew meat. A stew dish can be spiced up by adding vegetables and cooking in a covered pot. Searing is as important as braising of the stew meat for making a nice and tasty stew.