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Korean Soy Bean Paste Soup

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Korean Bean Paste Stew (Daenjang Chigae) is a spicy Korean stew. This stew has lots of vegetables and sea food. When served with the cooked rice it makes a complete meal. Join James in his kitchen and see him prepare the Korean Bean Paste Stew in a few minutes.
  White fish piece 1
  Potato 1
  Onion 1
  Green onion 1
  Mushrooms 5
  Chili peppers 2
  Squash 1
  Bean paste 1 Tablespoon (Daenjang)
  Gochujang 1 Tablespoon
  Clams 2 Dozen
  Tofu 1 Cup (16 tbs)
  Soy sauce 1 Tablespoon

1) In a pan with water add the fish and potato, cook for a few minutes. Skim off the scum.
2) Add the kochujang and clams cook a few more minutes.
3) Add the onion, mushrooms, chili peppers, squash.
4) When everything is almost cooked add the bean paste and tofu, cook further for 1-2 minutes, add the green onion.
5) Taste to adjust the seasoning and serve with cooked rice.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: 
Preparation Time: 
10 Minutes
Cook Time: 
25 Minutes
Ready In: 
35 Minutes
Korean Doenjang Chigae
This spicy-salty Korean stew is sure to warm your feet and your soul on a chilly winter day or when you are having the sniffles. This soup has uses a soybean paste base like miso soup, but the paste is stronger-tasting and more fermented. There are as many ways to make doenjang chigae but this is the basic one where the paste is dissolved in a seafood-based broth and garlic, chilies, veggies, and tofu are added. . It is hot, spicy, savory, and comforting all at the same time. When served with the cooked ri

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I just had to share this cause I love love love your yummies I was wondering if youde make a fermented soy beans ice cream ?
Korean Soy Bean Paste Soup Recipe Video, Korean Doenjang Chigae