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Sauteed Steak

A sautéed steak is made with the most tender meat part of the animal. Most sautéed steak recipes use the beef strip loin in cooking because the flesh piece is very tender and can be cooked within minutes. The excess fat should be removed from the meat piece in case any other meat cut is used. In a pan, this steak can be cooked with a little oil, salt and pepper. Each side should be fried for a couple of minutes. This steak dish can be served along with a mustard sauce, which is made with the remaining juices from the steak piece. The excess fat in the pan needs to be removed. Once done, cognac should be added to get the juices. Then a little cream with mustard seeds can be mixed with the juices to cook for a few more minutes. As it gets ready, the sauce should be poured over the sautéed steak.