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Onion Steak

Steak onion is a recipe prepared by cooking steaks with chopped or sliced onions. Steak onion is a very popular main dish in American cuisine. This recipe is high in protein contents.

How to make steak onion?

Steak of any meat can be used to make steak onion. Barbeque steak, roasted steak, broiled steak or grilled steak can be put in onion gravy if you want to cook a gravy dish. For a nice dry side dish, onion chunks can be grilled with steak. Keep turning the onion chunks to avoid over cooking.

Steak onion recipes

Round steak in onion gravy, steak in onion soup, honey mustard steaks with grilled onion and grilled steak sandwiches with barbeque onion sauce are some of the variations of steak onion.