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Easy Grilled Zucchini Steaks

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I love to grill anytime I get the chance! Here’s a recipe for my Vegetarian, Gluten Free, and Raw Diet viewers! I also have not forgot my meat eating viewers either! This is a very simple and different way to serve up your veggies!
  Zucchini 1 Large
  Extra virgin olive oil 2 Tablespoon
  Saucy seasoning/Seasoning salt 1 Tablespoon, seasoning

1) Make sure you have washed your zucchini.
2) Then with a knife cut both ends off. Cut 4 pieces, about ½ inch thick slices of zucchini lengthwise. Be very careful.
3) Once you have cut your zucchini into what I like to call “steaks” lay them out flat and pour the olive oil generously over them.
4) Next take the Saucy’s Seasoning and sprinkle over the top of the zucchini steaks.
5) Turn the zucchini steaks over and repeat with the olive oil and seasoning.
6) You will need to preheat your grills so they become nice and hot!
7) Now that both side should be seasoned, take the zucchini steaks over to a hot outdoor grill or a grill pan.
8) Place all the zucchini steaks on the grill and let cook for 1-2 minutes on each side.
9) Turn and cook for 1-2 minutes on the other side.

10) Take the now grilled zucchini steaks off and serve with a meal! You can also sprinkle some cheese on top. Enjoy!

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: 
Side Dish
Pan Grilling
Grilled Zucchini Steaks is a great dish for vegetarians. The Chef shows an easy way to make it. Besides being tasty, Zucchini has many health benefits. So, don't forget to try out this recipe.

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Nutrition Rank

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

Calories 157 Calories from Fat 140

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 15 g23.2%

Saturated Fat 1.1 g5.5%

Trans Fat 0 g

Cholesterol 0 mg

Sodium 12.6 mg0.5%

Total Carbohydrates 4 g1.3%

Dietary Fiber 1.1 g4.4%

Sugars 2 g

Protein 1 g2.4%

Vitamin A 4% Vitamin C 28.8%

Calcium 1.5% Iron 1.9%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet

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