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Flax Sprouts

Flax sprouts are a form of microgreen, which is a tiny, edible plant. The sprouts grow in any living medium but do not require to be soaked in water unlike most seeds. The sprouts of flax are considered to be extremely nutritious and can be eaten as sandwich fillings or sprinkled on salads.

The flax seeds also grow quickly when placed in clay utensils. The seeds are mucilaginous in nature and can be sprouted together with alfalfa, mustard, and clover. The flax multi-greens are not very tasty when consumed by itself. They also turn extremely bitter if stored for more than a day or two.

Both the brown as well as the golden flax seeds can be grown into multi greens replete with tiny cotyledon leaves. The spicy and gelatinous sprouts or greens are ideal for baking too. They contain high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, and is rich in protein and antioxidants.

Growing Flax Sprouts

  • Spreading the flax seeds over any kind of disposable medium like a tray, hemp bag or even a piece of blanket is essential. Sprinkling them directly over soil also helps in sprouting.
  • It is also mandatory to moisten the medium and keep misting the seeds from time to time during the sprouting period.
  • The seeds along with the medium are usually kept in a dark corner at room temperature before being shifted to a lighted area once the tiny shoots are seen emerging.
  • The seeds usually sprout within five to six days and the greens can be harvested as soon as the tiny leaves open.
  • They are ideally stored in the refrigerator when dry and can be preserved for a week at most.

Culinary Uses of Flax Sprouts

The nutritious flax greens can be used in almost all salad dishes as well as a flavoring agent for soups and teas. Some of the most popular recipes that use flax microgreens as an ingredient include:-

  • Green Smoothies- A mixture of fresh green vegetables and edible seeds including micro greens blended together.
  • Flax Bread- A pan baked flax seed meal bread containing eggs and sugar with the flax greens added to the batter to enhance its nutritive value.


Chia and Flax sprout powders are sold commercially as ready-made mixes for drinks.