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The Peppercorns

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This video gives a brief of different varieties of peppercorns available in the market and widely used in kitchens. Peppercorns are often termed as king of spices.
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  White peppercorns 4
  Green peppercorns 4
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The black peppercorns are full sized unripe seeds which have a storng and pungent flavor. White peppercorns are matured seeds and the skin is removed from seeds. They have a medium pungent flavor. Green peppercorns are unripe seeds with mild pungent flavor while pink peppercorns are sweet but with pungent flavor. They are not related to peppercorn family. Peppercorns can be ground coarsely and fine depending upon the need in the food. They are most tratded spice in the world and were once valued as much as gold. Peppercorns have been cultivated since 1000 BC.

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