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Zarangallo is a simple Murician dish which is prepared by combining various vegetables. The zucchini or zucchini flowers add authenticity to the dish. This dish is very popular around the tapas bars of Muricia. The dish is normally served as the appetizer and teamed with wine. The dish is a sort of revuelto (dish prepared by scrambling eggs), which is prepared by scrambling eggs and vegetables. Many zarangallo recipe variations also suggest against the use of eggs. This dish is mostly served as the appetizer and teamed with wine. Also, the dish is mostly served as side dish to fish or meat preparations.

Zarangollo Recipe- Suggested Ingredients and Preparation Process
Following the typical recipe of zarangollo - the dish is prepared by combining ingredients such as zucchini, onion, garlic, eggs, lemon juice, dry oregano, olive oil, parsley and salt and pepper. Once the vegetables are cooked, the eggs are broken and added over these vegetables. The food historians say that Murician food culture is highly influenced by food shortages experienced at different points of history. The same goes for zarangallo recipe too because at times the zucchini is replaced by potato. Minute variations are made to the main recipe by adding tomatoes and red peppers. On the other hand, there is a dish called fortuna zarangallo, which is prepared using snails, potatoes and onions. The taste that is achieved with the help of combination of all the ingredients has helped to elevate it to the ranks of one of the most revered representative snacks of Muricia.

Zarangallo Recipe- Variations

  • Zarangallo Cake:It is prepared by combining all the ingredients and baking them; red pepper sauce adds authenticity to this dish.
  • Monteagudo Zarangallo Cake:The dish is prepared by baking basic ingredients and sausages. It is drizzled with the sauce made using cream, paprika and peppers.
  • Sweet Zarangallo:It is sweet variant of the Murician dish and is prepared by combining caramelized onions, zucchini, sugar, oil, cinnamon, and butter. The dish is served after garnishing with the custard. Custard is prepared by combining ingredients like milk with gelatin and vanilla bean seeds. This dish is served cold.