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Zaragoza food is very simple in origin and is supposed to be the easiest to cook in Spain. Zaragoza food is the regional Aragones cuisine that uses local ingredients to prepare simple delicious dishes.

Historical and Cultural Influences on Zaragoza Cuisine

Zaragoza food has evolved over the ages and the city itself if over 2,000 years old. The city has first invaded by the Romans, followed by the Muslims, and eventually the Christians. These invaders left a tremendous influence on the cuisine that resulted in food that was cooked with the freshest ingredients. This is now the signature aspect of Aragones cuisine that is prepared in Zaragoza.

Ingredients Commonly Used in Zaragoza Cuisine

Zaragoza food uses the freshest ingredients that are locally sourced. Fresh fruits from the region include sweet melons, apples, oranges, bananas and cantaloupes. Meat is an integral part of the cuisine but local meat is preferred in the form of ewes, pork and mutton. Chicken is also prepared along with dry cured pork. Mussels, fish and eels are also an integral part of the area and seafood pastes of shellfish, and fish paste are also very popular. The locals also prefer to eat very unique vegetables like borages, sweet onions as well as local wines like Cariñena, Calatayud, Somontano (Huesca), and Campo de Borja.

Traditional Zaragoza Cuisine Recipes

Traditional Zaragoza food that is commonly cooked all year round includes the following dishes-

  • Ternasco is a roasted baby lamb that has been feed only on milk. The dish can also be prepared with roasted ewes meat.
  • Cured and smoked meats are popular in the form of longaniza sausages, chorizo or spicy pork sausages, and morcilla or blood sausage.
  • A very special regional pork speciailty is jamón or prepared ham.
  • Chilindron is a special chicken dish that is roasted in a tomato, herb, pepper and onion sauce.
  • Migas is a very simple dish with panfried bread crumbs that have been mixed with onion, herbs, garlic, salt, chorizo and olive oil but served with grapes.
  • Ajoarriero is a unique dish that is cod cooked with eggs, herbs garlic, salt and potato.

Zaragoza Cuisine Trivia

Zaragoza food includes a very popular cheese called ad Tronchon that has been mentioned by the Spanish author Cervantes in his legendary book Don Quixote