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Oviedo food is distinctly Asturian in nature and inherits the important elements of the Spanish cuisine, Oviedobeing the capital of Asturia which is a state in Spain.

Oviedo Cuisine
The regional cuisine of Oviedo is popular in Latin America and Spain. Some of the popular dishes in Spain are listed below

  • Caldereta : A variety of fish stew that contains crab and lobster in addition to fish. The stew also incorporates white wine, tomatoes and cognac to form an interesting and delicious stew.
  • Merluza a la Sidra – Hake in Cider : This is a popular main course dish in Oviedo. It is a tasty blend of clams, hake fish, tomato, garlic, onion, apples and potato that is baked after cooking the mix in a ceramic bowl.
  • Fabada Asturiana : Fabada Asturiana is one of the most popular Spanish dishes. It is a type of rich Spanish bean stew that originally belongs to Oviedo and all of Asturias. It is popular all over the world and Spaniards have exported this to many countries. It is often served with Asturian cider, crusty bread and red wine.
  • Salmon a la Riberena : This dish is prepared with bacon, salmon, cider or wine and ham. It is a main course dish prepared by cooking beef pieces and white wine and onion under low heat until the meat is tender. The rivers Della and Nalon flowing through Ovedia are Spains’s top salmon producing regions.

Oviedo food comprises unique dishes and the desserts are no exception.

  • Tarta de Manzana – Apple Tart : Sliced apples baked in pastry shell and laced with apricot preserves. Some versions use cider as well.
  • Arroz con Leche : This rice pudding is prepared with rice, sugar, butter and cinnamon stick, but has a special addition - It is topped with caramelized sugar on top.

Other popualr sweets include:

  • carajitos (fritters filled with a hazelnut paste.)
  • tocinillos de cielo, fayules

Sidra or Cider is prepared from locally-grown apples in Oviedo. It has been produced here since hundreds of years and is the regional wine. The Arabs called it siserio and the Romans termed it pomaria. There are over 2 dozen varieties of apples in Oviedo but only a handful of them are fit for fermenting into sidra. The skill is to combine sweet and sour crab apples to produce a balanced and tasty cider.

There is a tradition in Oviedo and indeed in all of Asturia where friends and family taste the cidra while its still undergoing fermentation. This event is called Espichas or ‘first tasting’ and the cider is drunk right from the barrel with dry Oviedo food as accompaniment.