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Marbella food is a modified variety of Spanish cuisine, which is followed in the Marbella region of Spain. The city does not have a local cuisine of its own but tends to lean towards a strong Spanish influence in the food styles that are seen across the country.

Historical and Cultural Influences on Marbella Cuisine

Marbella food has a strong Spanish influence but the city is also famous for its completely cosmopolitan nightlife and food. The island city was first colonized by Muslims but the Christian invasion of the city resulted in a predominantly Catholic background and culture. Originally, the island city had less than 900 citizens but it gained in popularity when it was discovered by Prince Max Egon zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg and his heir Alfonso de Hohenlohe. He went on to set up hotels and restaurants in the city that slowly made the city increasingly popular with local and international celebrities. The huge influx of international royalty and celebrities resulted in an amalgam of foods and cultures that is still prevalent today. Local cuisine is however, predominantly a mix of Spanish and Moorish food.

Ingredients Commonly Used in Marbella Cuisine Foods

Fish is a predominant aspect of Marbella food with a wealth of restaurants that specialize in seafood. Local Spanish foods in the form of tapas, seafood paella, flavored rice, grilled meats etc are popular too. However, chicken, meat and lamb are popularly prepared too along with several varieties of international foods. Tomatoes, Spanish red onions, garlic, potatoes, chilli, bananas, citrus fruit and beans are cooked very commonly to make local dishes.

Popular Recipes from Marbella Cuisine

Popular Marbella food that is prepared all year round include the following dishes-

  1. Tasty paella is a local specialty that is prepared with locally crab, lobster, fish and prawns which are cooked with Arborio rice, tomatoes, spices, olive oil and saffron.
  2. Risotto in this region is also prepared with Arborio or local rice, celery, ginger, onions, garlic and local cheese.
  3. Another popular rice and meat dish is arroz negro.
  4. Fideuá is a very popular Spanish stew and a common Marbella food item.