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Mantecada is a spongy pastry which is golden brown in color and resembles muffin in its appearance though it is flatter than it. They taste more or less like pound cake and it had originated from Spain. It is popular in all regions of Spain and suburbs and is relished by people of all ages. They are traditionally baked in rectangular or square paper cups known as cajillas. Sometime a big cake is prepared and then it is cut into cubical pieces and the main ingredients in the recipe include flour and cow fat. The crust is crispy whereas the core is soft and yellow in color.

Preparation and Serving Suggestions for Matecada Recipe

The basic ingredients used in the preparation of Mantecada are white butter, sugar, cornmeal, almond extract, flour, rum, baking powder and eggs. The first step in the procedure is to preheat the oven and in the meanwhile a batter of butter and sugar is prepared in a mixing bowl. Gradually, the eggs are added and following this, the flour, corn meal and baking powder are integrated into the mix. Finally, rum is mixed gently into the batter and is blended thoroughly. Now, the mix is emptied into greased paper cups and baked for about an hour until completely cooked and the surface becomes golden brown in color.


It is usually served cold and is garnished with powdered sugar and cinnamon. The cake is removed from the mold prior to serving and is complimented along with a glass of hot drinking chocolate or a cup of hot coffee. Mantecada tastes good with a scoop of ice cream and whipped cream topped with fresh fruits. This sweet dish is often consumed as a tea snack or as a dessert after meals which neutralize the pH of the mouth.

Variations to Mantecada Recipe and Health Facts Associated with It

Though not much variants can be prepared of the traditional, yet it is quite popular in parties. This is so, because it would no longer remain the same pastry, but mere changes can be incorporated, some of which include baking the cake in a big rectangular tin instead of small rectangular paper cups. The cake can be cut into small cubical pieces to resemble the original dish. If white butter is unavailable, normal salted butter can also be used.

Health Facts

This sweet dish is rich in carbohydrate which is used in the form of wheat flour and corn flour, proteins in the form of eggs and fats in the form of cow lard and butter. People suffering from obesity and cholesterol problems must avoid this dish in large quanties.