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Malaga food is food belonging to the local cuisine of the city of Malaga that is located on the Mediterranean. The city is very famous for its fresh sea food and there are a huge number of fresh seafood restaurants that are sprinkled all over the city.

Historical and Cultural Influences on MalagaCooking

Malaga food has tremendous culinary influences from the Phoenicians, the Romans and even the Arabs. The location of the city made it a very covetable location as a natural port. This resulted in several cultures and races trying and succeeding in invading the city. Each successive race left deep imprints on the city and its culture. The city now boasts of a 2,700 year old flourishing culture that has happily adapted every dish into its rich repertoire. As the city is primarily based on the coast, seafood is prepared very competently and it is the trademark of food in Malaga.

Ingredients Commonly Used in Malaga Cuisine

Malaga food is predominantly Mediterranean in nature with a healthy balance of fish, vegetables and olive oil. Fish is the main protein that is eaten in the form of mullet, whiting, Dover sole, Mackerels, anchovies , clams, lobster and baby squid. Pork is cooked quite commonly and beef and chicken are common too.

Traditional Malaga Recipes

Malaga food has several popular dishes that are cooked all through the year. The most poular foods include the following

· Pescadito frito is a very pouplar local starter where several kinds of fish are deep fried and served on sticks. The most common fish that are deep fried include sardines and mackerels on a stick.

· Chanquetes are a specialty made with tiny fish espetos sardines and boquerones in vinegar.

· Chopitos are fried baby cuttlefish that are a very popular appetizer that are served in many bars

· Rabo de Toro a la Rondeña is a traditional dish that is made with bull’s tail and stewed into gravy.

· Popular desserts include cakes, flans and puddings like Alfajores, Polvorones and Bienmesabe.

· Popular soups include Ajo Blanco and Gazpacho that are almost similar to their Spanish variants.

· Tapas are also very popular in the state and several tapas bars are present all over the city.

Places Famous for MalagaCuisine

Malaga food is readily served for local tourists all over the city. For example, the most popular local cuisine restaurants in the city are-

· La Posada de Antonio that is owned by Hollywoodactor Antonio Banderas. Grilled meats are a specialty of the restaurant and they also served traditional food with modern twists.

· Bodega El Pimpi is a very popular hotel that is patronized by the rich and famous for their well cooked food. Tapas are a specialty of the hotel along with dishes like potato croquettes, ham puddings and hot and cold meat platters.