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Llajua is a kind of hot sauce that is prepared with the ingredients that are specially cultivated for this purpose only. It is quite spicy due to the presence of a special kind of chili. Special herbs are also used for seasoning the llajua. This hot sauce is widely consumed in Bolivia and all over its valleys, more specifically, Cochabamba and Antiplano. Though it is a condiment, but llajua recipe has varied other uses as an ingredient in various recipes.

History of LLajua Recipe

Llajua is a Spanish term and sometimes it is also referred as ‘llajwa’. Being a traditional name in Bolivia, this term became a trademark for this recipe in 2008 by the government of Bolivia. In Northern Chilean cuisine, this sauce is famous by the name of ‘pebre’.

Ingredients Prescribed by the LLajwa

The ingredients used in making llajua are quite distinctive and especially grown for making this sauce. ‘Locotos’ is a kind of hot chili peppers that are incorporated in this recipe for providing spice and zest. Tomatoes are added to give consistency and tang to the sauce. Special seasoning herbs called ‘kilkina’ and ‘wakataya’, cultivated in Bolivian valleys are used to flavor the sauce. These herbs are very rare and grown in Cochabamba and Antiplano valleys.

Method of Preparation of Llajua Recipe

Traditionally, llajua is prepared with grinding method. A grinding stone called ‘batan’ is used for making the sauce. The grinding stone is similar to the millstone and available in almost all household in Bolivia. With changing times the use of ‘batan’ has reduced and now llajua is being prepared with hand blenders or food processors.

Serving and Eating of Llajwa

In Bolivian cuisine, llajua is served as a condiment. The most popular use of the sauce is as a dip. It is usually served with cooked potatoes and any kind of bread. It is a great addition to the soup that is typically served before the main course. As an ingredient, llajua is used to season various kinds of dishes. Local food carts in Bolivia, serve this hot sauce as popular condiment with street fast foods. For take-away foods, the sauce is dispensed in a small plastic bag tied with hands.

Health Facts Related to Llajua

Llajua is indeed a healthy sauce as it contains herbs and other ingredients that are rich in vitamin C and calcium. This sauce can be consumed generously, but should be avoided by kids as it may give extra spicy taste.